Welcome to Shiat-Soe

This name is a contraction of Shiatsu and my own name Soelinda Koets.

Shiatsu and Do-In Yoga are two important pillars in my life.
They have given me limberness and peace. A flexible mindset.
But above all fun!

Shiatsu and Do-In, an inextricable combination yet easy to practice independently.
I share all my knowledge, insights and fun with anyone that is interested.

During Shiatsu sessions, Do-In Yoga classes, private sessions and workshops.
I invite you to delve into all that I am able to tell you about Shiatsu & Do-In Yoga.

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Mindfulness Proeverij
2,5 hours workshop - May 10 - 18.00 hrs at Yogatreasure
find out what mindfulness is and working with it.
Info: soelinda@kiem-en-koets.nl


A joint venture with Marijke de Jong
where the focus is on working on your
mental and physical 'fitness' of employees
in organizations.



Antonie van Leeuwenhoekweg 17a
2408 AL Alphen aan den Rijn

take a look at this beautiful studio
where quiteness and relaxation are the
ground principles
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t: +31 (0)624700148
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